Citizen Science


Michigan Tech’s Mobile Environmental Citizen Science project creates mobile and web-based apps to collect environmental information, designed by Michigan Tech students. The goals of the project are to (a) put mobile and web-based tools in the hands of citizens for collecting information for scientists studying natural and social environments and (b) encourage students to harness their skills to solve environmental problems, by engaging them in real-world projects with scientists as collaborators. The project is supported through the National Science Foundation's Cyberinfrastructure Training, Education, Advancement, and Mentoring for Our 21st Century Workforce (CI-TEAM) Program, Award # OCI-1135523

Michigan Technological University is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of data or content of unrelated information in the posted data as it is being collected and submitted by independent third parties.

Michigan Tech  


Lichen AQ

Monitor the marine west coast air quality by observing lichens.


Look into the watershed health around the Zona de Xalpala.


Find out about the conditions of selected Midwest Beaches.

Mushroom Mapper

Contribute to the collection of mushroom observations all over the country.

Pacaya Monitor

Records volcano activity at the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala.

Roya Risk

Tool for informing coffee growers of their risk of Roya infestation.

Ice Thickness

Record and view ice thickness data.

Mobile Apps

Mega Crystals

Learn about the gealogical area by counting rocks

Thunder Bay

Find sunken treasure in Lake Superior.

Lichen AQ

Record the the marine west coast air quality.

We Want Scientists!

Our citizen science apps are motivated by scientists, natural resources managers, representatives of non-governmental organizations and similar individuals seeking innovative data collection methods. Refer to for a list of individuals who have worked with us to date. If you have an idea for using mobile apps for collecting data for your research or other endeavors, please contact Alex Mayer (