Installation Instructions

  1. Open this website on your Android device.
  2. Download BeachHM (version 1.6).
  3. Open the Android Downloads app and open the BeachHM_v1.6.apk file.

General Overview:

Step 1:

Open the Beach app. The "Beach Select" main menu is displayed. This is where you will manage beaches and select a beach for which you will record data. Click on "User Login" to log in.

Step 2:

Step 2: After clicking on "User Login", enter the username and password registered to you on the Beach Health Monitor website. Click "Login". You will be brought back to the main menu.

Step 3:

Click "Create a new beach".

Step 4:

A pop up appears. Enter a new beach name. Click "Ok".

Step 5:

Choose what variables will be collected for the site. The "Lake Bearing" setting is the direction looking onto the water if you are standing on the beach. It is used when calculating wind direction as OnShore, OffShore, and CrossShore. You can also enter the latitude and longitude coordinates in their respective text fields. When finished setting the variables, click "Save Settings & Return to Menu".

Step 6:

Now click on "Record Data".

Step 7:

Begin recording data. You are presented with the variables you have chosen. After you have finished entering the data, press "Save". The application will store your observation and return you to the main menu.

Step 8:

Now click on "Observation History".

Step 9:

Here you will see all the observations stored on your device. Click "Upload". The observation is uploaded to the Beach Health Monitor database. You can also edit any of the observations if, for example, a mistake was made while collecting one of the variables. That observation can be re-uploaded and the online database will be updated with the new information. If you have no need to keep an observation, it can be deleted from your device. The observation will remain in the online database once you have uploaded it.

Step 10:

You are done. You can remain logged in without using any cellular or wifi data. Data is only used when logging in and when uploading.